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Clinical Pharmacist Reveals How To Completely Transform Your Health, Body & Energy Levels In Just a Couple Hours a Week!


How Can You Be Sure This Will Work For You?

At Whole & Happy Living we know how challenging it is to change the way you live and improve your health.

In addition to that, we know how hard it is to find healthy solutions to weight loss and lifestyle change that actually LAST!

That's why we have dedicated our time and attention to providing you with the all the tools, education, & resources you need to be successful.

Finally, A Way to Get Fit And Feel Good For REAL People!

How can you know our strategy actually works? And how can you know it will work for you?

Just those two questions alone can be overwhelming. We get that, so we let you talk to our team ahead of time so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

"Be Honest, What's The Real Story On Why You Teach This Strategy?"

From the Desk of Whitney Prude, PharmD, BCPS, NBC-HWC

Founder & CEO of Whole & Happy Living


First, let me congratulate you on finding this page! I genuinely believe this is going to be a defining moment for you and your health journey so stick with me here for just a little longer.

Why did I create this program, you ask?'s a long life story. But I'll keep it short and simple for you.

The first time I realized life doesn’t always turn out the way you want was when I was sixteen and went through the trauma of my parents’ divorce. How do you deal with something like that? It’s not something we learn, or even know how to talk about.

At the time, it felt like my whole world had crumbled.

Where was I supposed to go from here....?

Well...I did what most people do--coped by trying to bury the pain and move on with the rest of my life. I needed something to occupy my mind so I became hyper focused on becoming a pharmacist.

Driven to succeed, I buried my pain in overachievement, pushing myself so hard in pharmacy school that one day I arrived home completely exhausted and broke down. I fell to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling utterly broken. I sobbed for HOURS!

Once I was able to pull myself together, I realized the connection between my physical collapse and the mental and emotional pain I had been burying for so many years!

That began for me the journey of deep research and introspection that allowed me to start to heal myself. But unfortunately, it was too late. I began developing an autoimmune disorder that continues to significantly impact and limit my life today.

But this goes beyond developing auto-immune diseases. This sheds light on the thousands of research studies that indicate our mental and emotional health significantly contributes to the state of our physical health now and in the future.

So what did I do as a result...?

I spent the next several years sick in bed designing this program so people like you don't have to ask yourself questions like I did...

"What if I had lived differently then? How would my life be different now?"

I developed my Whole Health Transformation Program after dedicating 15 years of studying as a pharmacist and wellness coach, spending 7 years working through my own life and mental health challenges, and 5 years of learning how to cope with a life-altering auto-immune disease. 


I didn't want to create a weight loss program. I wanted to create much much more than that.

I wanted to create a program that would allow people to have all the tools they needed to truly transform their health and change from the inside, out. This does often involve weight loss, but if we don't change on the inside, the results we achieve on the outside, like weight loss, don't last. 

What Makes Our Program Unique From Other Health & Weight Loss Programs?

Internal Results Bring Lasting External Rewards

At Whole & Happy Living we are not focused on getting you quick weight loss results that you won't be able to maintain long term.

This can sometimes be hard to embrace, but trust us, quick weight loss DOES NOT LAST!

You might have noticed that we don't plaster before and after pictures on our websites and advertising. This is on purpose! Not because we don't get our clients those results, but because there is so much more that our program does for our clients.

A before and after photo of weight lost actually sells our results short. The true change we create is internal. It is a transformation so powerful there's no picture that can properly illustrate our clients results.

Our 5-Step Power Plan

In the diagram below you'll notice 5 different steps. These steps are the necessary steps to truly transform your health from the inside out so you can keep your results long term.

But what about nutrition, exercise, and weight loss? The first 4 months of our program is focused on overcoming mental and emotional barriers. That includes the first 4 steps below to give you all the internal tools and motivation you need to be successful at reaching your goals.

The remaining 12-weeks of the program focuses on in depth nutrition, mindful eating, exercise, sleep and healthy weight loss giving you all the tools you need to achieve your physical health goals and maintain them long term.

Completely Research & Evidence Based

I did not make all of this up. Everything in my program is research and evidence based. And I'm not just talking about throwing around the phrase, "well...studies show..." These are legitimate research studies and information from many different fields of practice.

Some of these include psychology & mental health, coaching psychology, and decades of research on nutrition, exercise, sleep, behavior health and the list goes on.

I am not reinventing the wheel here. I am just compiling information in a strategic way with all the tools and resources you need to actually be successful implementing them into your life.

I even had a world renowned Mayo Clinic Oncologist go through my program to take back control of his life and his physical and mental health. I say that only to demonstrate that the information in this program is legitimate and credible. But don't take my word for it, you can read his testimony below!!

Program Features & Benefits

Here's What's Included In Our Whole Health Transformation Program:



Every client receives their own personal coach that will be with them throughout their WHOLE HEALTH TRANSFORMATION journey. This allows us to provide you with customized coaching and make sure you get the most from our program. No, the coaches don't do the work for you, but having their support is vital to success. You will have weekly check-ins, and 4 guaranteed calls with your coach with the ability to schedule more if you need them. You will also have 24/7 access through text, email, and the online course platform.



We have our own in house personal trainer who meets with each of our clients individually. Our trainer is highly qualified and educated with years of experience helping individuals transform their health. You will receive two, 30-minute calls with our personal trainer and a personally designed exercise plan to fit your individual needs and circumstances. This plan can change over the course of the program as you grow and progress.



Every human being is unique and nutrition is no exception. Everyone's health is at a unique place and health goals from one individual to the next can vary drastically. With an individualized nutrition plan you will will be able to incorporate healthy eating into your life in a way that is sustainable for you. Forcing you to eat specific meals and types of food you don't enjoy would be counter productive to long term success. Your nutrition plan with be well thought out and designed to specifically meet your needs, help you reach your individual health goals, and most importantly, make it possible for you to maintain those goals once you achieve them.



Imagine having a health expert hand pick and organize all the health information you need from hundreds of different resources and then organize it into applicable trainings and exercises that drive the best results?! As a member of the Whole Health Transformation Program, you get lifetime access to all the information and education you need to completely transform your health! This aspect of our program is incredibly unique and priceless. After completing this transformational program you will be a master at living a healthy lifestyle for years and years to come!



One of the most important aspects of being successful with your health long term is surrounding yourself with a good support system. We weren't meant to make it on our own. Through this program you will have access to the Whole Health Transformation Community that includes anyone who is also enrolled in the course as well as access to our private Facebook group. You will be able to receive encouragement, encourage others, and help keep one another accountable.



Medication-related problems and medication mismanagement are a massive public health problem in the United States. Experts estimate that 1.5 million preventable adverse events occur each year that result in $177 billion in injury and death. This service is conducted by a licensed pharmacist and is available to those who specifically request it. If you take multiple prescription medications, non-prescription medications, herbals, or other dietary supplements, you will likely benefit from having your medications reviewed by a pharmacist.


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